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Retain Top Talent

Keep your top talent engaged with realistic cybersecurity emulations that allow them to sharpen their skill sets in a safe environment that’s always available without compromising their own networks.

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Harden Security Posture

After training in a realistic environment, employees are more confident, calm, and prepared to face attacks when they occur in real-life. They know what to expect and how to best mitigate risk within their own system.

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Public and Private Clouds

Cyber ranges recreate real-world threat scenarios in cloud spaces, public or private, allowing users to access self-service environments on-demand, anytime, anywhere. 

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Use tools, tactics, and protocols you would in a real incident on a cyber range in order to best prepare teams for attacks when they occur.

[/vc_wysiwygblock1][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_leftcontentblock headline_text=”Perpetual Cybersecurity Learning” description_text=”As your cybersecurity team’s evolve with imminent threats, they will have access to virtually endless learning opportunities to perfect their skill sets.” featured_image=”2140″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″][vc_rightcontentblock headline_text=”Computationally Elastic” description_text=”Cloud-based cyber range learning supports even the most complex nation state cyber exercises and scenarios. Teams can grow in knowledge, skill, and competency with scalable training mechanisms.” featured_image=”1635″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″][vc_leftcontentblock headline_text=”Leverage the Intelligent Cloud” description_text=”Cyber ranges live in the Intelligent Cloud, breathing new life into cyber training through the re-creations of real-world threat scenarios. With the power of AI, users can access environments on-demand, anytime, anywhere.” featured_image=”1441″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_wysiwygblock1 color=”#ffffff” cta_text=”” cta_url=””]


Lifelike cyber ranges mirror enterprise networks to ensure teams are training and applying their learning in environments that best represent their industry—so when threats emerge, cyber teams know how to defend quickly and efficiently without delay of skills transfer for training environments to actual networks.