Recently, our own Keenan Skelly, VP of Global Partnerships and Security Evangelist with Circadence®, was interviewed by Computer America’s Ben Crossman regarding Project Ares®, our flagship training and assessment platform for cybersecurity professionals. Keenan shared how Project Ares works, what it can be used for and the benefits of gamified training.

The top 5 key takeaways from the interview include:

1. The next generation way to cyber train is through gamification, allowing participants to train in a scalable way while improving information retention.

2. A benefit to using the Project Ares platform is having access to its virtual cyber ranges that emulate enterprise networks, putting real-life tools in the hands of trainees, mirroring what they would be doing in the real world. 3. Increased diversity helps program AI technology to better account for “every-person’s AI.” We should consider how programming of these systems is unintentionally informed by our own personal biases.

4. We need to adjust our messaging around what it means to be a woman in cybersecurity and introduce young women and girls to the different roles that exist in the field today to spark interest.

5. It is critical to remain aware of how data privacy legislation will affect offensive and defensive work (not to mention personal cybersecurity practices) so companies remain compliant with industry regulations while staying vigilant against evolving threats.

Keenan concluded that while the negative effects of cyberattacks are in the headlines every day, we have an opportunity to change the paradigm of cybersecurity for the better. Cybersecurity is not just an IT challenge, it’s everyone’s responsibility to stay vigilant in today’s interconnected world.

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