Experience Points

Reading Time: < 1 minute Level up: Gain experience points while improving cybersecurity skills.  As you progress, collect all the skill badges and earn a coin the first time you complete each mission successfully.  

Media Center

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cyber resources: The latest info on modern threats. Kickstart your cyber learning with 100+ hours of material in a curated collection of documents, web resources, and videos for all things cyber. 


Reading Time: < 1 minute Learn concepts: Perfect your understanding of the basics.  Master basic cyber security concepts   with fun, arcade style games that teach cyber kill chain, ports and protocol, regular expression techniques, and more. 

Battle Rooms

Reading Time: < 1 minute Practice makes perfect: Hands-on in a virtualized cyber range. Build your skills in a series of multilevel learning challenges that reinforce cyber skills including Linux, scripting, and forensics.   

Digital Badges

Reading Time: < 1 minute Open doors: Promote your skill and proficiency.  Complete work role learning paths and related assessments to earn achievement certificates and external digital badges.  Share Project Ares NICE aligned badges on your social profiles.