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Our VP of Strategy Josh Selfe recently presented to a cohort of students from the Summer Discovery program online.  With more than 500,000+ cyber security job openings across the U.S. today ( and only 3% of bachelor’s degree graduates have cyber-related skills, there is a clear need to communicate the routes to starting a cyber security career path to today’ students.

Josh discussed several key points related to pursuing a career in cyber security. Namely:

  • Myths and misconceptions behind the field of cyber security
  • How interconnected our common devices are (and prone to cyber-attacks) — cyber is relevant to everyone in and outside the IT field
  • Steps to exploring specific disciplines in the vast world of cyber security
    • Follow cyber and IT influencers online to learn vernacular and specialty areas
    • Learn about specific subsets of cyber practices and tools
    • Gain hands-on experience building skills in a gamified cyber range
  • Technical, professional and academic skills needed to thrive in the sector

Watch the entire presentation below and let us know what steps you took to enter into a cyber career that the future workforce may find helpful.


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