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Gamify and brand cyber events with Project Ares Custom Leaderboards 

Project Ares Custom Leaderboards are here.  Previewed in September 2020this new feature of Project Ares has been a request by clients who use Project Ares to host cyber events of all sizes.   

Now available as a tool for Trainers, users can set up specific and unique leaderboards with company or event brandingComplete with the capability to select specific scenarios and timeframes, Trainers can create one or many leaderboards to engage and motivate players at events, group meetings, and team ‘showdown’ competitions.  

Get started with Custom Leaderboards in just 5 minutes!

  1. Intro to Custom Leaderboards 
  1. Your First Custom Leaderboard 
  1. Additional Custom Leaderboard Features 

KAMIND IT partners with
Circadence and uses a custom leaderboard for their Project Ares cyber event.  

If you are conducting research about Project Ares for an event or for on-going cyber training, check out the free trial version that is available on our website.  Through the simulation, you can play an introductory cyber security scenarioperforming actions on a secure shell terminal and virtual network remote desktop.  Try it now  

Once you have a taste for what our hands-on, gamified cyber range training platform is like, give us a call to schedule a demo and walk through the power of the Project Ares cyber range and authentic virtual machines based on your specific cyber training or event objectives.  Schedule a demo.  

We can’t wait for you to get started!