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  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Nicole Mendoza
    Reading Time: 4 minutes I had an excellent conversation with Nicole Mendoza – an alumna of the SacCARES (Sacramento Cares) Cyber Security Accelerator from our Project Ares partners at Inteligenca. We discussed her cyber security learning journey that turned the COVID crisis into a time of opportunity. Giuseppe Scalamogna from Project Ares and Nicole […]
  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Ken Perez
    Reading Time: 3 minutes I had a fantastic chat with Ken Perez – an alum of the SacCARES (Sacramento Cares) Cybersecurity Accelerator from our Project Ares partners at Inteligenca.  We discussed his learning journey from working for a finance audit company to following his dream of studying Cybersecurity. Giuseppe Scalamogna from Project Ares talks […]
  • 3 Ways to Use the Project Ares “Group Workout” Rooms
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Surrounding yourself at the gym with like-minded gym-goers who have common goals is super motivating! Whether your team works together to flip a giant tire through the mud or follow a guided yoga class, group workouts are a great way to tackle old exercises from a new perspective.  We’ve talked about […]
  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Brenda McBeath
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Cybersecurity students are fascinating to talk with. They come from so many backgrounds. Brenda McBeath is a Purdue University Global alum who’s currently working as an IT Support Analyst. We first connected when she used Project Ares during her Master’s of Science studies in Cybersecurity Management, and we caught up […]

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  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Nicole Mendoza
    Reading Time: 4 minutes I had an excellent conversation with Nicole Mendoza – an alumna of the SacCARES (Sacramento Cares) Cyber Security Accelerator from our Project Ares partners at Inteligenca. We discussed her cyber security learning journey that turned the COVID crisis into a time of opportunity. Giuseppe Scalamogna from Project Ares and Nicole […]
  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Ken Perez
    Reading Time: 3 minutes I had a fantastic chat with Ken Perez – an alum of the SacCARES (Sacramento Cares) Cybersecurity Accelerator from our Project Ares partners at Inteligenca.  We discussed his learning journey from working for a finance audit company to following his dream of studying Cybersecurity. Giuseppe Scalamogna from Project Ares talks […]
  • 3 Ways to Use the Project Ares “Group Workout” Rooms
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Surrounding yourself at the gym with like-minded gym-goers who have common goals is super motivating! Whether your team works together to flip a giant tire through the mud or follow a guided yoga class, group workouts are a great way to tackle old exercises from a new perspective.  We’ve talked about […]
  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Brenda McBeath
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Cybersecurity students are fascinating to talk with. They come from so many backgrounds. Brenda McBeath is a Purdue University Global alum who’s currently working as an IT Support Analyst. We first connected when she used Project Ares during her Master’s of Science studies in Cybersecurity Management, and we caught up […]
  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Wajih Bitar
    Reading Time: 3 minutes I had a great chat with Wajih Bitar – a NexGenT alum who is now working on a Computer Science degree at the University of Houston. We connected when he reached out to me to ask about continuing his access Project Ares even though he’d completed the cybersecurity certificate program. […]
  • Project Ares Students: a conversation with Rashad Wilkins
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently, I had a conversation with Rashad Wilkins – a Project Ares enthusiast and former student at NexGenT. I wanted to learn how he became interested in cybersecurity and what he’s been doing since finishing his Cybersecurity Specialist program. I hope that you’ll enjoy learning about his experiences as much […]
  • Improving Knowledge Retention with Spaced Repetition Teaching Techniques
    Reading Time: 4 minutes spaced repetition pedagogy teaching cybersecurity
  • Project Ares Updates for the Back-to-School Season
    Reading Time: 3 minutes We have a virtual backpack full of new supplies for teaching and learning with Project Ares. Check out the capabilities that make it easier for cybersecurity instructors to get started teaching cyber forensics, see student progress at a glance, explore our cyber learning catalog, and navigate inside Project Ares. Teach […]
  • New Project Ares Website Has Arrived!
    Reading Time: 2 minutes Teaching and learning with Project Ares is now a website click away! 💻 We’re pleased to announce the website. 📣 The NEW place for learning about hands-on cybersecurity labs.  🙌🏼 Ready to explore the new website? Project Ares by Circadence® is an award-winning cybersecurity learning environment that delivers hands-on labs […]
  • 6 Common Mistakes in the Project Ares Gym
    Reading Time: 7 minutes Is there a wrong way to “do the gym”?   It’s probably not something we gym rats spend much time thinking about. (After all, we’ve got a lot to do between patting ourselves on the back for being there in the first place and squeezing our money’s worth out of that heaven-sent sauna.)   But even after deciding […]
  • How to Design Cybersecurity ‘Workouts’: Schedules, Goals, & Equipment for Teaching
    Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s be honest. Not every organization is blessed with an endless educational budget. (If only that were the case!)  But why should that stop you from having a killer, cyber skill-building training program?  Designing a program (whether a single course or a full-blown curriculum) from scratch doesn’t have to be […]
  • Why You Need a Cyber Training Plan (& which to choose!)
    Reading Time: 5 minutes “Gym people”. These glorious humans have somehow cracked the code on waking up obscenely early, getting in an hour-long sweat session, and then — can you imagine? — enjoying a protein shake. We poke fun at them, but deep down, I think we’re all curious: how did they do it? […]
  • The Ultimate Trainer’s Guide to the Project Ares Cyber Gym
    Reading Time: 4 minutes We’ve all been there. We’ve paid for the membership, laced up our sneakers, and dragged ourselves through the cold and dark morning to the gym, all the while half-high-fiving ourselves for just showing up. And we’ve stood in that atrium –  stared at all the equipment – and quietly asked […]
  • What Does a Soldier-Artist Have in Common with Cyber Security Education?
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Cyber security is the practice of defending all online aspects of daily life.  Areas like work, school, government, healthcare, shopping, entertainment, and more — all rely on technology.  To those who work to defend the digital parts of our daily lives, you must be prepared to always learn and improve; and we believe it starts with the right perspective.    You can only fight the way you practice.  – Miyamoto Musashi, famous Japanese […]
  • Living Our Mission: Project Ares Micro Update, March 2021
    Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The Nuances of Teaching and Training in Cyber Security (Part 1: Teaching)
    Reading Time: 4 minutes
  • New Resource Center Delivers Online Support for Project Ares Cyber Labs
    Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Driving Educator Success in 2021: What Ought Cyber Teachers Know to Pivot Teaching?
    Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Learnings from the Uncertainty of 2020: Organizations will Prioritize Training for Cyber Professionals in Academia, Business and Government in 2021
    Reading Time: 4 minutes
  • Three Essentials to Successfully Put People to Work in Cyber Security: Soft Skills, Hands-on Practice, Lifelong Learning
    Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Living our Mission: Project Ares Micro Update, December 2020
    Reading Time: < 1 minute
  • Save time teaching cyber security with project-based learning in Project Ares
    Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Living our Mission:  Delivering Exceptional Customer Support
    Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • What We’re Grateful for in Cyber Security: Operation Gratitude 2020 Edition
    Reading Time: < 1 minute
  • Living our Mission: Project Ares Micro Update, November 2020
    Reading Time: < 1 minute
  • The Meaning of National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week November 9-14
    Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Developing Your Cyber Career Year-Round
    Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Upskill State Government Cyber Specialists
    Reading Time: 4 minutes
  • Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month (and Beyond!)
    Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Breaking Through the National Guard Cyber Training Backlog with Hands-On, Cloud-Based Learning and Practice
    Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Workforce Development Professionals: Use Cyber Training to Meet Client’s Talent and Readiness Needs
    Reading Time: 5 minutes url here
  • Resource Roundup:  Remote Teaching Resources for Educators  
    Reading Time: 2 minutes The school term is back in session, but it certainly looks a lot different than year’s past with COVID-19 requiring more remote/hybrid learning environments for the academic community. The shift to remote teaching and distance learning is not only impactful for students and families, but perhaps equally significant for today’s […]
  • Living our Mission: Project Ares Product Updates, Summer 2020
    Reading Time: 5 minutes Summer 2020 was a busy time for Circadence. We recently launched a redesigned website at and deployed enhancements to our flagship cyber learning platform, Project Ares. The refreshed web look and feel and product updates inspired a revitalized mission statement. Circadence is dedicated to cyber training and education. We […]
  • To Buy or to Build a Cyber Range? That is the Question!
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Distance learning is likely here to stay yet today’s cyber educators still need to find ways to meaningfully connect with their students during these socially-distant times. Cyber educators can effectively enrich student remote learning with hands-on cyber ranges. To actualize these goals to create immersive, engaging learning environments, educators must decide whether to build or buy a cyber range—yet it can be a significant decision to weigh by yourself. Circadence’s Josh Selfe provided tips and much-needed context on cyber ranges in his […]
  • Cybersecurity Education: 7 Tips for Creating a Successful Career Pathway
    Reading Time: 4 minutes The reality is self-evident: exponential advances in technology, the escalating complexity of systems, society’s increasing reliance on digital devices to manage daily tasks, and the global rise of significant threats posed by malicious actors ensures cybersecurity is here to stay. Government entities are struggling in their efforts to recruit and […]
  • How Cyber Professionals Can Adapt to Shifts to the Cloud
    Reading Time: 2 minutes If your SOC team is gearing up for a shift to the cloud in any capacity, it’s going to require a new way to think about and deploy cyber security practices. Securing physical data takes on whole new meaning when transferred to the cloud and IT professionals need to understand […]
  • Transforming Distance Learning: Technology and Tools for Today’s Educators
    Reading Time: 3 minutes From pre-school to Ph.D. programs, education is undergoing a sea-change.  Due to the immediacy of pandemic defense, it was necessary to jump into online meeting apps in March 2020 for everything from storytime with the librarian to class lectures to dissertation defense. But the experiences of the last few months […]
  • Starting a Cyber Security Career: a Presentation for Summer Discovery
    Reading Time: < 1 minute Our VP of Strategy Josh Selfe recently presented to a cohort of students from the Summer Discovery program online.  With more than 500,000+ cyber security job openings across the U.S. today ( and only 3% of bachelor’s degree graduates have cyber-related skills, there is a clear need to communicate the […]
  • Cyber Security Learning During the Pandemic with Online Cyber Range Training and Digital Networking 
    Reading Time: 3 minutes We’re living and working in a virtual world these days since the pandemic halted the traditional and routine in-person activity. For cyber professionals, you may feel challenged more than ever to work and learn about cyber security remotely. Yet those challenges shouldn’t stall your ability to learn and build skills. Learning can happen anywhere…and as we’ve […]
  • Real World Cyber Security Experience: From Learning to Earning
    Reading Time: 2 minutes Real world, experiential learning helps students develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that they can take directly from the classroom to the workplace. This direct connection from learning to earning is important to all students, but none more so than adult learners who have gone back to school, often while continuing […]
  • 3 Ways Tech Companies Can Improve the Talent Acquisition Process
    Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s reasonable to correlate the quality of the talent acquisition process to the quality of employees in the company– which is tied to the success of the company. Yet, there is currently a shortage of qualified experts in field of cyber security and there has been for quite some time. […]
  • How person-centered cyber training supports threat prevention in financial companies
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Cyber security threats and preventive measures go hand-in-hand. Yet cybercrime continues to impose threats on the financial industry. Financial services firms are 300 times as likely as other companies to be targeted by a cyberattack,” according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group. These threats can arise at any time and […]
  • Living our Mission: Circadence Collaborates with Academia and Army to Support Cyber Range Virtual Environment Replication and Construction with N/CRAF
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Circadence announced in May 2020 the latest development of an automated network mapping tool for IT use, based on collaborative work with Mississippi State University engineers and researchers. Circadence has had a six-year partnership with the university and the Threat Systems Management Office of Redstone Arsenal (TSMO) and has worked […]
  • Transform Fall Cyber Security Classes with Hands-On Learning
    Reading Time: < 1 minute As educators blend classroom and online learning for safe fall course experiences, Project Ares helps get the balance right for teaching cyber security. Whether instructing cyber security courses remotely or in-person, Information Security and Cyber Security educators must make learning engaging and relevant to best prepare students for careers in […]
  • Prioritizing risk mitigation for your financial services company
    Reading Time: < 1 minute Financial services companies and departments are experiencing increased cyber-attacks, leaving their data and personnel at high risk. Mitigate risk using Project Ares to train professionals persistently and hands-on manner to stop threats coming into the company purview.
  • An Educator’s Perspective: The Impacts of Distance Learning and Teaching, a Q&A with Dr. Bradley Hayes
    Reading Time: 6 minutes We are continuously reminded of the stark reality that higher education teaching and learning is indeed different today than it was a few months ago. Since Circadence is committed to cyber security education and training, we try to stay on top of the latest developments with distance learning so that […]
  • Distance Learning and Teaching for Cyber Security Programs
    Reading Time: 4 minutes Distance Learning Today Practically overnight distance learning has become the ‘new norm’ for academic institutions. Educators worldwide are figuring out what Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) means for their specific courses and subject matter for summer term and likely fall term 2020. And while the immediate remote learning requirements for pandemic […]
  • Cyber Security and Risk Mitigation Go Hand in Hand
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Cyber Risk means different things to different people in an organization. Deloitte distinguishes it well: A CEO might worry about the expected financial loss related to cyber risk exposure; while the CFO is challenged to show the value of security while managing the associated costs. The CMO might worry about […]
  • Why Cyber Risk Mitigation is a Priority for Finance Leaders
    Reading Time: 3 minutes The role of the CFO is evolving. Whether at a bank or credit union, today’s finance leaders wear many hats. One of which is a cyber security ‘hat’. Constant breaches within financial institutions warrant such a ‘wardrobe’. Insider threats are growing, outside adversaries are multiplying at rapid pace, and attacks […]
  • Cyber Ranges and How They Improve Security Training
    Reading Time: 3 minutes WHAT ARE CYBER RANGES? Cyber ranges were initially developed by government agencies looking to better train their cyber operators on new skills and techniques. To do this, a physical range or ranges were installed on-premise.  Cyber range providers built representations of actual networks, systems, and tools that helped cyber professionals safely train in virtual, secure environments without compromising the agency’s operational network infrastructure. Today, cyber ranges are […]
  • Gamification for the Greater Good: Why We Need More Diverse Learning Approaches for the Workforce
    Reading Time: 9 minutes “Gamification” is a term that has been popularized by the modern cultural and consumer demand of video games. It is the application of design elements (e.g. leaderboards, scoring, points) to an activity or set of activities, made popular by video games. Today, it has made its way into software programs […]
  • Top Tax Season Scams and How to Avoid Them
    Reading Time: 2 minutes Doing taxes can be stressful enough without worrying that your sensitive information may fall into the wrong hands. With more and more taxpayers doing their taxes online, having awareness of potential threats is the first step in practicing cyber safety this tax season. Here are 4 of the most popular […]
  • Things to do at RSA 2020 
    Reading Time: 2 minutes This year’s RSA Conference is sure to be chock–full of exciting innovations, new technology, and swag galore. As much as we love the excitement of being on the expo floor, it’s always a good idea to take time to explore the conference, meet new people, and unwind with a few good colleagues or newfound friends. This list […]
  • Living Our Mission Blog Series:Early Aspirations in Technology Become a Reality for Circadence’s Paul Ellis
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Early Aspirations in Technology Become a Reality for Circadence’s Paul Ellis  Paul Ellis, Senior Product Manager at Circadence, was always interested in technology, even at a young age. When Paul was 8-years old, he rode his bike to the closest RadioShack to buy a book written for adults on the topic of electrical engineering no less. After saving enough allowance to purchase the book, […]
  • Living Our Mission: Building a Roadmap to Bring Product Vision to Reality with Circadence’s Raj Kutty
    Reading Time: 3 minutes This installment of the “Living our Mission” blog series features Circadence’s Rajani “Raj” Kutty, Senior Product Manager.   Raj is fascinated by technology’s evolution in the marketplace and that interest has informed her career path toward success. She achieved her masters degree in computer science from University of Pennsylvania in 2003. From there, […]
  • Microsoft Security Blog: Rethinking cyber scenarios—learning (and training) as you defend
    Reading Time: < 1 minute In this third and final post in the series, Microsoft’s Mark McIntyre addresses more advanced SecOps scenarios that an experienced cyber practitioner would be concerned with understanding.
  • New Year, New Threats: Top Cyber Threats Anticipated to Hit Big in 2020 for Enterprise Companies
    Reading Time: 3 minutes As we enter the New Year, one thing is certain: cyber attacks aren’t going anywhere. Enterprise companies have been tasked with defending their networks from unyielding cyber crooks who want a piece of the pie for themselves. What’s on the horizon for enterprise security threats in 2020? We’ve got a […]
  • The Future of Finance Cyber Security in 2020
    Reading Time: 2 minutes Cyber attacks seem to grow more sophisticated and menacing with each passing year. No industry understands this better than finance, as their enormous stores of cash and sensitive data make them a prime target for hackers year-round. Let’s look ahead at four trends that are likely to play a role […]
  • Living our Mission: Project Ares Takes Full Flight with Cloud-Native Architecture
    Reading Time: 4 minutes According to CIO magazine, about 96% of organizations use cloud services in one way or another. In partnership with Microsoft, we are proud to announce that Circadence has redesigned its Project Ares cyber learning platform to fully leverage a cloud-native design on Microsoft Azure.  This new, flexible architecture improves cyber […]
  • Holiday Hacks in the Financial Sector: What You Need to Know to Stop “Grinches” during the Holiday Season  
    Reading Time: 4 minutes Not everyone gets into the holiday spirit, but whether or not your stockings are hung by the chimney with care, there are real world cyber grinches out there looking to steal holiday joy and sensitive data. The Financial Sector in particular is a high-profile target for hackers in the cyber […]
  • Living Our Mission Blog Series: Cyber Security + Teaching = the Perfect Match for Developing Cyber Curriculum in Project Ares for Circadence’s Megan Daudelin 
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever wondered about the people behind Project Ares’ development? How does Circadence identify and develop learning curriculum material to benefit today’s cyber professionals? The crux of the strategy stems from the talents within our own Circadence family and is the driving force behind this “Living our Mission” article. We are sharing […]
  • Living our Mission Blog Series: Connecting the Dots – Academic Virtual Labs, Microsoft Ignite, and Battle Room Design from Circadence’s Matt Surprenant
    Reading Time: 4 minutes After serving in the Coast Guard and learning IT, Matt Surprenant applied his technical abilities to the academic community, building out cyber ranges for students to practice their tradecraft in virtual environments. Managing virtual labs for 250-500 students wasn’t an easy job by any means, but it certainly gave him invaluable […]
  • Predictions for Cyber Security in 2020
    Reading Time: 5 minutes The dynamic world of cyber security is prompting a new shift in focus for security execs and frontline defenders as we head into a new year in 2020. Given the rapid pace by which enterprises have adopted Cloud computing services to improve operations, the frequency of threats and attack methods, […]
  • Rethinking cyber learning—consider gamification
    Reading Time: < 1 minute This post originally appeared on Microsoft’s Security Blog, authored by Mark McIntyre, Executive Security Advisor, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group
  • Cyber Monday and Black Friday Cyber Security Safety Tips to Prevent Holiday Hacks  
    Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re anything like me, you get really excited when the holidays roll around. The music is cheerful (the Hallmark Channel is on 24/7–high five!), the fireplace is roaring, and I can curl up with my blanket and mobile phone to SHOP ONLINE (of course). Ah, the spirit of the […]
  • Immersive Cyber Training with Project Ares: Ramping Up a Cyber Career
    Reading Time: 9 minutes As promised, I’m back with a follow-up to my recent post on how we need modernize the learning experience for cybersecurity professionals by gamifying training to make learning fun.  Some of you may have attended the recent Microsoft Ignite events in Orlando and Paris.  I missed the conferences (ironically, due […]
  • Living our Mission Blog Series: How Tony Hammerling, Curriculum Developer, Orchestrates a Symphony of Cyber Learning at Circadence
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Circadence’s Curriculum Developer Tony Hammerling wasn’t always interested in a career in cyber—but he was certainly made for it. In fact, he initially wanted to be a musician! While his musical talents didn’t pan out for him early in his career, he quickly learned how to create unique harmonies using […]
  • 8 Tips to Keep Your Small Business Cyber Safe this Holiday Season
    Reading Time: 3 minutes The holiday season is a time of giving, however, for hackers it can be a time of swindling. We are all susceptible to cyberattacks, but small businesses can hurt the most from the fall out. With limited staff numbers, small IT departments (if any at all), and no money allocated […]
  • Operation Gratitude: 5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Cyber Security
    Reading Time: 3 minutes With daily breaches impacting business operations and security, it’s easy to forget about the good ways that cyber security keeps us safe behind the scenes. This holiday season, we’re giving thanks to cyber security and all that it does to make our lives easier and more secure with what we’re […]
  • What you need to know about a cyber security career path
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Getting a job in cyber security doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. If you haven’t been taught the basics and/or are looking to change careers for something different, launching a cyber security career can start with basic learnings that lead to more formal training, certifications, and skills development. And […]
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Cyber Security Jobs?
    Reading Time: 2 minutes The cyber security workforce gap continues to grow, and the availability of qualified cyber professionals is predicted to decrease in the coming years. In fact, a Cyber Security Workforce Study from the International Information System Security Certification Consortium predicts a shortfall of 1.8 million in the cyber workforce by 2022. […]
  • Why Cybersecurity is Important for Higher Education Institutions
    Reading Time: 3 minutes It might surprise you to know that the education industry is a prime target for malicious hackers. While threats in this sector are on the rise, many education institutions are not prepared for a cyber attack nor do they know how to recover from one. In fact, there were 122 […]
  • Trick or Cyber Treat? How Quickly Hackers Use Your Information
    Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re getting in the Halloween spirit (with a cyber security spin of course)! We started wondering about the mysterious (or not-so-mysterious) world of hacking.  We wondered just how frightfully easy it might be to gather intel from social platforms with minimal prerequisite knowledge. To that end, we did a little […]
  • Living our Mission Blog Series: Programming Innovation in Orion, Thanks to Raeschel Reed, Circadence Software Engineer
    Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s never a dull moment at work for Circadence Software Engineer Raeschel Reed. Between learning ways to use new technology, improving coding techniques, and operationalizing cyber innovations, Raeschel is a critical part to the success of the company’s product suite. She currently works on Orion, a curriculum development application that […]
  • Living our Mission Blog Series: Hitting a Home Run with Circadence’s Security Management, thanks to TS Reed, Cybersecurity Engineer
    Reading Time: 3 minutes The journey to cybersecurity engineer has been an exciting one for Circadence’s TS Reed. The former baseball pro turned security tech expert found his passion for problem solving at Circadence. After completing an undergraduate degree in criminology at Cal State Northridge, he pursued a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at […]
  • Living our Mission Blog Series: Supporting Cyber Red Teams, with Consultations and Pen Testing from Josiah Bryan
    Reading Time: 2 minutes While Circadence is proud to be a pioneer that has developed innovative cyber learning products to strengthen readiness at all levels of business, there’s one professional area at Circadence that doesn’t tend to get the limelight, until now. Meet Josiah Bryan, principle Security Architect for Circadence’s security consultation services, aptly […]
  • How to stay safe from social engineering attacks
    Reading Time: 4 minutes What is social engineering and why does it matter? In the context of information security, it is a hacking tactic designed to psychologically manipulate or “trick” a person into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Social engineering threats are a wildly popular way for cybercriminals to get access to money […]
  • Exclaim “Cyber for All!” During National Cyber Security Awareness Month
    Reading Time: 5 minutes Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month! We all know that cyber security isn’t just a month-long focus area for businesses and individuals—but this month, we are grateful for the collaborative effort between government entity Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance that together, place a lens on […]
  • Women in Cybersecurity
    Reading Time: < 1 minute An infographic on how artificial intelligence and gamification enable cyber professional’s skill acquisition and competency development against today’s cyber threats.
  • Why Alternatives to Traditional Cyber Training Are Needed Immediately
    Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you looking for a more effective, cost-conscious cyber training tool that actually teaches competencies and cyber skills? We’ve been there. Let us share our perspective on the top cyber training alternatives to complement or supplement your organization’s current training efforts. Cyber training has evolved over the years but not […]
  • Help Wanted: Combating the Cyber Skills Gap
    Reading Time: 4 minutes Recent news headlines are clear on one thing: there is a massive shortage of cybersecurity experts in the industry. Cyberattacks are permeating every commercial and government sector yet the talent pool of defenders can’t keep pace.
  • Living Our Mission: Embracing the Art of Gamification with Hector Robles, Lead Game Designer at Circadence
    Reading Time: 4 minutes If there’s anyone who truly embodies the art of gamification, Hector Robles name just might top that list. As a lead game designer at Circadence, Hector works closely with the company’s content and curriculum departments to take complex cyber concepts and learning paths and artistically weaving them into fun cyber […]
  • Living Our Mission Blog Series: Building Hyper-Scalable Cyber Training Experiences with Randy Thornton, Enterprise Architect at Circadence
    Reading Time: 3 minutes A newly minted Engineering Fellow, Randy Thornton has dedicated his craft to software development for over 30 years. His passion for learning and using new technologies is evident in Circadence’s cyber range platform, Project AresÒ. Randy joined Circadence in 2005 when the company was selling its WAN Optimization product, MVOÔ. […]
  • Living Our Mission: Learning is Built into Project Ares, Thanks to Victoria Bowen, Instructional Designer at Circadence
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Victoria Bowen has worked in the instructional design field for about 35 years – primarily developing e-learning with a smattering of web development, SharePoint development, and Learning Management System administration. She holds an undergrad degree is in psychology, a master’s in special education, and doctorate in curriculum, instruction, and supervision […]
  • Living our Mission: Creating Authentic Cyber Training and Learning Environments Inspired by Real-World Experience: Todd Humes, Sr. Mission Designer
    Reading Time: 2 minutes Bringing his Air Force and military security engineering background to use, Senior Mission Designer Todd Humes understands what it takes to defend networks from adversaries. Prior to Circadence, he served in various government security roles including as a Systems Security Engineer and Systems Administrator and on the commercial side as […]
  • Cyber Security and the Baby Boomer, Gen X Populations
    Reading Time: 2 minutes We all have someone in our lives who isn’t tech-savvy.  They don’t know how to convert a word doc into a PDF, or they try to do a Google search on Facebook, or they seem to struggle with the ‘simple’ act of text messaging. These are not uncommon missteps when using smart devices for people who didn’t grow up with Siri ® (let alone the Internet!) at their fingertips. While these […]
  • DeepFake: The Deeply Disturbing Implications Behind This New Technology
    Reading Time: 3 minutes DeepFake is a term you may have heard lately. The term is a combination of “deep learning” and “fake news”. Deep learning is a class of machine learning algorithms that impact image processing, and fake news is just that – deliberate misinformation spread through news outlets or social media. Essentially, […]
  • When cyber security meets machine learning
    Reading Time: 2 minutes What happens when cyber security and machine learning work together? The results are pretty positive. Many technologies are leveraging machine learning in cyber security functions nowadays in order to automate and augment their cyber workforce. How? Most recently in training and skill building. Machine learning helps emulate human cognition (e.g. […]
  • How Cyber Security Can Be Improved
    Reading Time: 5 minutes Every day we get more interconnected and that naturally widens the threat surface for cybercriminals. In order to protect vulnerabilities and keep pace with hacker methods, security – and non-security professionals must understand how to protect themselves (and their companies). And that involves looking for new ways to improve cyber […]
  • Living our Mission Blog Series #3: New Learning Curriculum in Project Ares 3.6.4
    Reading Time: 3 minutes We’ve made several new updates to our gamified cyber learning platform Project Ares. We are releasing new battle room and mission cyber security exercises for professionals to continue training and honing skills and competency and have optimized some aspects of performance to make the learning experience smoother. New Missions and […]
  • Targeted Cybercrime on the Rise
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Targeted attacks against particular groups or entities are on the rise this year. Instead of a “spray and pray” approach, malicious hackers are getting particular about who and what they attack and how for maximum accuracy. Why? The right ransomware attack on the right data set to the right group […]
  • Good Bots and Bad Bots: How to Tell the Difference to Stay Cyber Safe
    Reading Time: 2 minutes You may have heard or read the term “bot” in the context of cyber security. Normally we hear this word in the wake of a cyberattack and relate it to breaches in computer or network security. While there are certainly bad bots, there are good bots too! So what exactly […]
  • Ransomware – The Attack Du Jour!
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Ransomware is gaining traction among hackers; emboldened by financial success and anonymity using cryptocurrencies. In fact, ransomware is now considered a tried and true cyberattack technique, with attacks spreading among small and medium-sized businesses, cities and county governments. Coveware’s recent 2019 Q1 Ransomware Report notes: Ransoms have increased by an […]
  • Cybersecurity and the LGBTQIA Community
    Reading Time: 3 minutes While most of us recognize the inherent vulnerabilities of putting our personal information online, we may not think about how marginalized communities are at even greater risk of malicious attacks on the internet. The LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual) community certainly understands the ramifications of sharing […]
  • Spotlight: Cyber Security Readiness for the Electricity and Energy Industries
    Reading Time: 2 minutes When your power goes out, you recognize just how many things you use every day rely on energy. From phones to WiFi to air conditioning and heat, our homes and offices almost entirely rest on this silo of critical infrastructure. While we may not think of the energy sector as […]
  • Cyber Attacks and Risk Mitigation in Critical Infrastructure
    Reading Time: 4 minutes Critical infrastructure is a term used by the government to describe assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy (think oil and gas, water, electricity, telecommunication, etc.). According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are 16 sectors of critical infrastructure. In the past few years, […]
  • Resources for starting a career in Cyber Security
    Reading Time: 2 minutes Jumpstarting a new cyber security career path can feel like a daunting initiative, however, it may be more attainable than you think. By utilizing online cyber resources and persistent learning exercises, you can start learning everything you need to know to understand career options and land your dream job. Virtual […]
  • Microsoft Azure Government Secret Helps Enhance Cyber Training
    Reading Time: 2 minutes Across the board there’s been a push from a policy perspective to get into secure cloud environments that provide organizations with the on-demand and protected availability that they need to improve business processes. Azure Government Secret is a cloud solution that delivers comprehensive and mission-enabling cloud services to US Federal Civilian, Department of […]
  • Girl Scout Troop Visits Circadence to Earn Cyber Security Badges
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Introducing girls to the world of cyber security and empowering their access to this STEM discipline is incredibly important to Circadence as we advocate for a cyber workforce with diversified thinking and problem-solving perspectives to keep pace with today’s adversaries. In mid-May, Circadence was honored to host 12 Brownies from […]
  • How to Launch a Cyber Security Career
    Reading Time: 6 minutes Preparing for a cyber security career is more enjoyable than you may think! The technical challenge, problem-solving, constant change (you’re never bored!), and continuous learning opportunities are positive experiences one can have when entering the field of cyber security. For any interested student or autodidactic, a cyber career path may […]