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Circadence® Announces Project Ares™ 3.0


Boulder, Colorado, 
May 23, 2017 — Circadence® Corporation, a market leader in cybersecurity training and education, today announced the version 3.0 release of its fully immersive, artificial intelligence (AI) powered, next generation cybersecurity training platform, Project Ares™.

Project Ares provides cybersecurity professionals and students the means to practice skills and hone tactics through a real-time online training platform. Designed for commercial, government, and academic customers, Project Ares deploys realistic, skill-specific virtual environments with real-world tools, network activity, and a library of mission scenarios. Game-based learning provides immediate feedback in an engaging, safe atmosphere where trainees can solve relevant problems without consequence.

“Cybersecurity organizations must be empowered to act with confidence and competence at all times,” said Mike Moniz, CEO of Circadence. “They need to train in a realistic environment, and against challenging adversaries that utilize the latest threats and tactics. Project Ares incorporates artificial intelligence with a persistent training environment that empowers teams to train and prepare in a realistic, intensive setting; effectively changing the way cybersecurity training is done anytime, anywhere.”

Utilized to train individuals or teams, Project Ares provides the instructor with a trainer view for progress monitoring, performance assessment, and real-time training intervention. Expanded capabilities further allow the trainer to participate in a stealth mode with other online users. Project Ares catalogues a team member’s actions and skills in a time-critical environment, thereby creating a record for institutional and team memory, and offers skill certification that assists employers with understanding each individual’s capabilities.

As a cloud-based cyber training solution, Project Ares is available to meet the anytime, anywhere demand of cybersecurity professionals with support for desktops, as well as iOS and Android platforms. Project Ares is built on a highly scalable virtualized infrastructure offering the perfect platform to train individuals or teams.

Project Ares introduces AI components such as a computerized advisor, umpire and opponent that uses Deep Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing to include IBM Watson and SparkCognition. The in-game advisor, Athena, provides on‐demand help and instant feedback to trainees, which results in freeing up the human trainer’s time to help other trainees or facilitate orchestrated tactics. The artificial intelligence engine extracts and learns the methods of trainees, enabling the platform to provide dynamic and adaptive adversaries to increase difficulty on an as-needed basis.

To contact a sales representative please complete this form. Learn more information regarding Project Ares by visiting  www.circadence.com/project-ares/.

About Circadence

Circadence has leveraged its history of software advancement, multi-player game development, and a deep understanding of application optimization to offer Project Ares – the only fully-immersive, AI-powered, cybersecurity training and education platform in the market today. For more information on Circadence, visit www.circadence.com/.